What To Do and NOT Do In Hokkaido

My friend E. and I went to Hokkaido for Golden Week. We took the ferry from Sendai to Tomakomai, and let me tell you, it was horrible. The very limited buffet cost 2 sen ($25+) and the futons were half a person wide and one and a half people long. I was unwillingly touching my neighbors all night. The air smelt of stale cigarettes and everyone and their 3-month-old stared at E. for being noticeably foreign. I’m talking triple-takes and no-so-discreet picture taking. And the water was so rough on the way back that everyone was falling all over themselves, which was admittedly hilarious. But then I had to get sick, which was not so hilarious.

Next time–if there even is a next time–I’m going to use alternative modes of transportation. Unless I’m desperate to save money again. Which I probably will be.

The view from the window. Nothing but sea.

And here begins the list of … :insert drumroll: … (also, please announce this in a cheesy Mr. Movie Trailer Voice)

What to Do and NOT Do in Hokkaido

#1. DO NOT walk from the ferry port to Tomakomai Station. It takes ages and there’s nothing along the way but garbage and sad-looking buildings.

#2. Visit the Jingu Shrine and cross your fingers for some food stalls.

Maybe you’ll even see a wedding

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List #3

I have a baby name spreadsheet.  I started it almost a decade ago when I was bored and haven’t looked at it in ageessss.  And I have no idea what whimsical, pretentious, self-hating phase I was going through, but I am in tears over how horrible some of these names are.

All My Material Things: Tokyo Trip Version

I went down to Tokyo on Wednesday night and got back at 5 this morning. Of course I proceeded to conk out until nearly 6 PM!  In the name of productivity, I unpacked my bag and took a picture of my physical non-receipt remnants of my trip.

1. New iPhone charger: I forgot mine at the most horrible manga kissa in all of existence and you can read a bit about my night in the lovely review I left on that site.
2. A-Yo print: Over the Rainbow Once More Exhibit at The Museum of Contemporary Art
3. Amrita by Banana Yoshimoto
4. Sleeveless button-down from Forever21
5. Underwears
6. Socks
7. Foundation: I forgot mine
8. F21 Necklace: I am going to start wearing them :le gasp:
9. F21 Earrings
10. H&M Earrings
11. Perfectly light blue jeans from H&M
12. Gray H&M blazer: Because I really need one. I sacrificed buying a funky black and neon yellow dress and a ombre orange top for this.
13. Dried food from an interesting Lawson combo store: I had to kill 30 minutes before catching a 11:55 bus. I ended up having to sit in the cold for 20 minutes anyway.
14. Gross bread that I thought was filled with blueberries but ended up being beans
15. Lovely apple tea
16. Cool anemone pens: Had to do because I didn’t like the prints for the Lee Bul exhibit. It was fantastic. I was worried I would hate it because she does mostly sculptural things but it was so. good.
17. Print of an adorable figurine made during the Tang Dynasty with the cutest little hands: From the Ceramics exhibit at the Suntory Museum of Art
18. Fruit gummies
19. Dry shampoo: A travel necessity that I forgot to pack
20. Earrings from Don Quixote: I also forgot to bring nose rings.
21. 3D glasses: I watched Hugo. I really do not understand why it was so well-received. There were so many unnecessary scenes, Chloë Grace Moretz was horrible, and it tried too hard to be funny/sad/touching/etc.
22. A monkey print
23. Print of a celadon ewer made in the Goryeo Period: It looks like a bamboo shoot!!

I budgeted myself 5 man and I spent ~49700 yen.

Shopping includes everything from prints to personal hygiene products.
Entertainment includes exhibits and things like my movie ticket and entrance to the Ueno Zoo.

I spent a ridiculous amount on food and drinks. I drank coffee every time I had to kill time. I ate when I didn’t even feel like eating. Why, you ask? Well, my dear. Simply because I could and I knew I wasn’t going to eat this well back home. Do you know where you can get a souffle for brunch in Koriyama??? Because I sure as hell don’t.