Buddha Buddha Buddha Buddha Rockin’ Everywhere

I think … I need to accept the fact that I’m not going to be updating this blog very much. Because I’m only just now getting to posting about my trip to Thailand … this summer.

But in any case, yeah, back to the Buddhas.

Buddhists compose 95% of the Thai population. Needless to say, it wasn’t particularly difficult to find any temples to visit. I’m pretty sure there was one on every other block in Chiang Mai’s old city.

Wat Po was nice. But the only reason I even went was because it’s supposedly the birthplace of Thai massage. I had to wait an hour for a full-body massage but it was so damn hot out and the A/C was very refreshing in the waiting room so I didn’t mind.

The chedis were beautiful.

And there were tons of really ornate, great details and nice paintings.

And of course, tons of Buddhas. Wat Po is known for its larger-than-life Reclining Buddha.

Dem feet.

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