All My Pervy Children

A surprising amount of my students are pretty perverted, but in a disturbingly childish way that leaves me going:

Should I be laughing? Or … crying right now?

And of course, everyone is obsessed with my “bigu basto.”

But I guess that the heavily padded “G” sized bras here (supposedly the equivalent of an American D) are pretty telling of the fixation with big boobs. That and Nami’s Japanese I-cups.

Elementary school students watch this, guys.

But, really? Really, Japan? The average cup size here is an American A-cup. And anyone wearing the larger albeit cute monster padded bras here wouldn’t be able to fit in any of the correspondingly cute shirts here.

Le sigh. But let’s get back to the pervy students.

I have the “oppai” [boobs] and “big penis” boys, and the occasional skirt-lifting and chest-grabby girls. Once I ran into my baseball boys at the park near my place and they just hollered, “JENNIFER, YOU’RE G-CUP!!!” after me.

Forreals though, I’m actually really fascinated by the seemingly contradictory comfort with nudity and conservatism here. When I went to watch my students’ soccer game last year, I sat with the boys to eat lunch and they stripped down to their underwear and changed right in front of me. I had to hide a girl from view when she went down to her bra after lunch. Students change in and out of their swimming suits in large rooms without any separators, and teachers poke their heads in to tell them to hurry up. Boys are constantly getting pantsed and one of my country girls grabs other girls’ boobs and lifts up their shirts.

And all this is next to a no sleeveless tops rule at work, and God forbid you show any hint of a shadow of cleavage or a centimeter of extra thigh. I’ve become so strangely aware of how much skin I show here when I didn’t think anything of it back in the States. But I have too poor of a circulation and get overheated way too easily to cover up even in my personal time.


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