Three Moments and a Dream

I saw two first years walking up the stairs so I said “hello” and “see you.”  Little Koudai replied, “See you, baby,”  then turned to his friend and said, “Hellooo, bay-bay.”  Cute.

The first years were introduced to ginger Kevin the basketball player in the textbook last month.  The second we turned the page:

“Wow, Kevin’s cool!”
“It’s likely that Becky likes Ichiro, but Ichiro likes Sakura.  But then Sakura likes Kevin.”
“Wrong. Sakura and Ichiro are dating, but Kevin ….”

Of course, all this was in Japanese and coming from boys.

I’d been having trouble with a handful of my 3rd year boys. One in particular, N., told me to go to hell every time I saw him without fail. And without fail, I threatened to tell the principal that he was being very rude. I recently snapped and finally told my vice principal what was going on. N. was brought into the staff room and he denied everything. But of course, all his classmates ‘fessed up and told the truth.

He had to bow and apologize to everyone for wasting their time and to me for his actions.

A few nights after that, I met my drunk VP and disciplinary teacher (S-sensei) on the way home from Tsutaya. They told me they were sorry about what happened and as I biked away, S-sensei shouted, “N. GOES TO HELL.” And the two laughed as they drunkenly stumbled away.

And just some BG info; I have a dream log that I record substantial-enough dreams in. It’s usually written very hastily right after waking up so my entries tend to be all over the place. I’m surprised that the spelling is as good as it is. But okay:

Lucid-ish dream. In an underground expressway train thing with dad and someone and I realize that this is a dream when we get off and start fighting like Brad Pitt and some lady goons. Go back home and prepare a battle plan to go out and fight again. It’s some wedding and “brother” recognizes some hag in black and is convinced tonight is the night. We aren’t prepapered (well only I am) so we go inside to pack our bags. “Little sister” puts like three ET dolls in the bag and I chuck two out. Look at other “sister’s” clothes choices and edit (let her borrow my black one with gold polka dots on the skirt). Looked for swiss army knife. Grandma hollers for us to eat before we leave and suddenly there are fireworks outside. And the baked potatoes that are burning hot float towards the door and there’s the hag lady there too. I grabbed them and crushed them by the hands bc I knew it was a dream. Then I turned on the lady and started choking her but it turned out she was a dummy. I twisted and crushed her and then showed her to the group. It’s time to leave. I had some designer Tommy Hilfiger dress for no reason.


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