Nasu’s So Naisu

C, S, and I headed down to Shirakawa and onwards to Nasu on Sunday. And it was lovely. So lovely. If only Koriyama wasn’t such an ‘I’m not a village, not yet a city’ kind of place. It’s just in the middle of the urban heirarchy and I’m pretty sure it’ll look exactly the same 20 years from now.

Nanko Lake was covered in water lilies. And scum. But I was still nice to look at.

The Nanko Shrine suffered a bit of damage from the quake. A stone torii [traditional gate typically at the entrance of Shinto shrines] fell and was relocated to a grass plot towards the back.

There was a traditional garden right across from the shrine. Entrance was ¥300 and you can add on a cup of tea and a mochi sweet for ¥500. The stroll comes with a koi pond, elderly workers, and spider webs.

I We tracked down a veggie restaurant called こと葉 [Kotoha]. The atmosphere alone was worth it. Because I will be making thousands off it in the future.

The Kotoha plate set was ¥1450 and you had a choice of coffee or yuzu tea.

And OF COURSE there was a yearly weekend sale at different shops all around Nasu going on. The best find was a place called Gashu Gashu that consisted of tiny cabin-like shops in the forest.

The entire way back we kept passing interesting shops and dog cafes. Will have to go back to soon to check them all out.


4 thoughts on “Nasu’s So Naisu

  1. I hope I get a chance to visit Nasu the next time I’m in Japan. I’ve been a few times and want to go back this September, but when I plan I tend to get stuck in these ruts of just hanging around Tokyo and Kyoto (I’ve been to Osaka and Nagoya but nothing I saw there really grabbed me). This looks lovely and off the beaten path (or, at least, MY beaten path, haha).

    • Plan plan plan beforehand! I went again and found that the marketplace I went to the first time was a pop-up event. I ended up going to the Alpaca Farm/Land (??) instead and it was horrible aha. Did see some cool shops though. I recommend Aizu here in Fukushima. It’s just beautiful and there are tons of cheap antique shops lining the roads.

      • Oh no! Well, I have a long time to plan, thankfully. I’ll have to look into Aizu. If you had any other neat suggestions I’d be happy to hear them :D

      • Hiroshima was nice. The war museum was interesting, albeit glaringly one-sided, and the food divine. Miyajima was nice and quaint and the torii was just stunning. Then we went on a day trip to Okunoshima (the bunny island) and fed bunnies all day. I’m going to have to post my pictures soon aha.

        Nikko is also a must-do. And the temples there are fantastic. And you can buy actual ukiyo-e prints in a small shop on the main road heading towards the temples away from the station. Tons of Kunisada for around 1 man.

        And of course, there’s Hokkaido. I really liked it. I was only there for Golden Week so I didn’t see too much of it but the food alone is enough to make me want to go back. There should be a post on my trip on here somewhere.

        How often do you visit?

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