Ikkou to Nikko

Long long ago, when a hoodie was appropriate outerwear and my hair was still straight, I went to Nikko with three lovely fellow lady JETs.

Given that I have not asked if I can post their picture on the world wide web, I have modified a photo of us:

Nikko is a small city in Tochigi known for its ornate shrines and temples.

We took the Shink and local train there under the handy-dandy leadership of our very own Steph Marley.

Ukiyo-e prints featuring a hawk and kabuki actors

A gorgeous onna (woman) noh mask. Fun fact: Japanese people used to dye their teeth black both to look beautiful and prevent teeth decay.

Shinkyo (Sacred) Bridge. We had to pay a few 100 yen to cross it but it was worth the view. Continue reading