Say Hello to my Little Friends

I went to the Daruma Festival (Daruma Ichi) in Shirakawa on Saturday and purchased these cuties. Daruma are traditional Japanese dolls meant to bring luck and symbolize the “ganbare” spirit with their goal-setting purposes and ability to get back up when tilted over (though my bigger one is a total dud in that aspect).

Red = general luck
Blue = personal development and achievement
Pink = love and marriage
Yellow = good luck and safety
Gold = luck with money and life improvement
Silver = prevent disaster and summon good spirits
White = academic achievement and good marriage match
Black = business prosperity and ward off evil
Green = health and happiness
Orange = self-reform
Purple = obtain a higher rank and longevity

Once you set a goal, you draw a pupil in one blank eye, and fill out the other one when your goal is reached. Somehow, I feel my pink daruma will be seriously lacking depth perception for a while.

Wonderfully patterned hunched grannies

Bow down to the king


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