On Sickness

I’ve been sick for the past few days, spending my free time lying around neck-high in my own snot, and it’s got me thinking back on my horrible second bought with illness here in Japan.

Let me set it up for you: I wake up late, feeling absolutely horrendous with a splitting headache and stomach pains.

This was me except 15 years older, sans double eyelids, and 3 shades tanner

My boss calls and asks what’s going on, I tell him I’m sick and that I don’t think I should go to work. He then asks, “But can you?” So I cave and go in feeling like crap, but only after drawing the line when he asks if I can bike. Um .. no.

My staff takes one looks at me and tells me to go home. I teach one class while they discuss what to do with me, and they call in after convincing me that it’s OK to leave. I get taxied to the clinic near my apartment just thinking, “Shizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzin A, people are going to hate me for wasting B.O.E. money on a cab.” But at the same time, I’m pretty sure people have wasted way more money being late for their pick-up after school. SO WHATEVER.

For some reason, it’s going to take an hour for me to see the doctor when there are only 3 people in the waiting room including me, and I fall asleep in front of the TV.  So a nurse shakes me awake and brings me to a bed. I pass out, and an hour later I am seated in front of an old serious-looking man with black-framed glasses.

Like this but made of pure evil

That’s more like it

Mind you, my Japanese is not at all phenomenal or great or even decent. I can say what I want to say using the simplest words available and conjugate my verbs correctly if I’m no talking too fast. In other words, it’s meh~ OK.

I’m with the doctor as he goes over my form and my symptoms (head hurts, ear hurts when I pull at it, and my stomach feels weird). I’m even with him when he asks me when my symptoms started. But the second he starts raving to the nurse that my symptoms don’t make sense and his voice elevates 10 octaves when he fuh-reaking knows that I have a splitting headache, I start to lose it.

He legit yells at me when I don’t answer him and I start sniffling and I tell him that just because he raised his voice, it didn’t meant I was going to understand any more than I already do. He continues to scream, and I’m yelling back at this point in ugly crying/coughing broken sentences, and the nurse basically takes me outside and sits beside me as I bawl and complain to her about how he’s the worst doctor I have ever seen and I have never met someone so rude and etcetc.

My basic sentiment about that day:

I didn’t even take any of the medicine I was prescribed.  The only reason I even bought it was because the nurse WALKED me to the drugstore out of shame and guilt.

I went to another clinic the next day and it turned out that I had an ear infection and a bug.


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