Korea: A Gastronomical Love Story


Simple brunch buffet in Guui

Formaggio Burger @ Cook n’ Heim


Brownie and Tiramisu Cupcake @ Mingle


Mocha Latte

The best roast duck you will ever eat


Salty and caramel popcorn @ the movies


Jjim dalk (braised chicken) in Downtown Daegu


Extremely spicy ddukbokki and dumplings by Haeundae Beach

A waffle, strawberry ice cream, and mint latte @ Coya Coffee

Seafood yakiudon @ the Lotte Department Store


5 thoughts on “Korea: A Gastronomical Love Story

  1. I ate at Cook ‘n Heim several times and never had any problems. However the last time I was there, I encountered a very rude person whom I believe was the owner. She had not been there during the time that I came and during most of the time that I was eating my meal. I ate my meal peacefully and finished eating. As I was ready to open a door that lead to the cashier to pay for my meal, the woman came behind me. I opened the door for her to enter first but she seemed to take great offense. She was very deliberate in her actions and made it clear that I was unwanted. I never met or saw this woman but her hatred was quite visible. Having been in Korea for so long, I was appalled to receive such rude treatment from a business owner. I then made my way to the cashier and the woman walked behind me. The very rude owner called out to the cashier and quickly exited the area. I was wondering why she was so hateful: was she anti-foreigner? Maybe she had a bad day. I paid and then upon leaving, I told her good night. I wanted to make sure that I was not reading my personal thoughts and feelings into this, but she remained hateful in her attitude and wouldn’t even look at me. Her hatred was glaring, not just a passive kind of hatred. I did tell her that she was strange before I left because, after all, I am human and not an inanimate object. Part of enjoying a meal is the experience that comes along with it and attitude is very much a part of an experience. Customer satisfaction is paramount to the success of a business, so either the owner is too stupid to understand, or she is ignorant. I will make sure to visit the restaurant again with a Korean to help me, but only to confront the woman who acted spitefully towards me. As a business owner that serves the public, you cannot just treat others with malice and treat such matters lightly. Furthermore, a person needs to know that their behavior was wrong so that they can hopefully rectify it and not continue to treat others in the same way. No foreigner in another country should be made to feel uncomfortable based on another person’s prejudices, especially if the person is the owner or manager of a well-known establishment. I can assure you that my family and I treat Koreans in our hometown (CA, USA) with the utmost respect. Had a Korean person experienced this in my hometown, you can bet that I would confront the establishment and find out the reason(s) for their disrespect toward the Korean person. I am no longer angry but I am rightfully bothered by that situation. I believe justice is necessary in any relationship, be it business or personal.

    • I’m sorry that happened to you :( I think in most countries, foreigners will be treated differently, though it may not be 100% deliberate. She may have just been really nervous? And I for one know a handful of people who look really … mean … when they aren’t putting on the effort to smile. In any case, I’m not trying to brush aside your experience, just trying to understand what happened because the staff is nothing but lovely to me whenever I go. I hope your next visit goes better. I’d hate for you to stop going and miss out on their delicious food.

      • I’ve been in Korea for 12 years and I have experienced rudeness or indifference due to ignorance that happens in any country regardless of a foreigner’s motives. That is something that anyone can tolerate and should if they expect to live in another country. What I experienced on that particular night wasn’t that at all. Furthermore, I live nearby and have Korean friends in that area who own cafes and small restaurants. As I mentioned in my first post, I made sure not to read anything into that particular incident since it’s very easy to do that as humans. But I’m 100% sure the owner was very deliberate about her actions and she made it quite clear to me several times, not just once. I didn’t mention that this happened on a Saturday night. I had rested all night on Friday and all day on Saturday. I was very relaxed and happy to be there, and I enjoyed what I ordered as always. I’m sure the owner has had several experiences with foreigners, give the location and popularity of that restaurant. Furthermore, the owner in no way exhibited any signs of nervousness or anxiousness. She was demonstrating her hatred which was very obvious, and I’m sure it would have been very obvious to anyone that had seen what was happening. If I detailed the entire incident, I’m sure you or anybody else would agree that the owner was acting hatefully. I don’t wish her or the restaurant any ill will but people must be held accountable for their actions, especially a restauranteur whose primary job is to deal with customers and provide a comfortable experience. Otherwise, they will either forget or continue to treat some customers disrespectfully. That should not be tolerated by anyone, and a person in this kind of business should know better. I will visit that restaurant and make sure to talk to the owner when I go there the next time with a Korean friend.

    • :shrug: Idk. Who knows what she was thinking/if she even is the owner. Who even knows if it had anything to do with you being foreign. She might hate men. She might hate EVERYONE. She might have been relaxing at home and only got called in because someone made a stupid mistake at work. She might have been a worker’s mom. All I can say is that I’m sorry you had a bad experience and I hope you don’t have another one.

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