Miyagi Museum of Art

I was itching to go to a museum so when Steph (who is GREAT btw) said she was swinging towards Sendai, I hopped onboard and then we parted ways after breakfast.

Breakfast @ Delifrance. Salmon quiche and coffee. Yum.

God, I remember when I used to refuse to go do things alone and that’s why I never did anything in college. Or high school. Oh, all the delicious foods I could have had ….

In any case, I went to The Miyagi Museum of Art.

There were these rigid uniformed ladies standing or sitting every twenty paces watching my every move. One informed me that there were no pictures allowed and another took away my pen privileges. Message. Received.

BUT there were some cool sculptures outside.

There is a swank little tapas bar by the station that I can’t really locate on Google Maps because there is a bus in the way on street view where it could possibly be. It’s a bit pricey but they have a great selection of tea and tapas. Also, one of the waitresses speaks perfect English (apparently she lived in Canada for a few years).