Take Me Out

Well, I finally have Internet so I’ll actually be updating from now on. My apologies for the swarm of mostly-picture posts to follow because … I don’t care for digging through my memory details of events that happened months ago, though I do want to show you what I’ve been up to.

To begin with, here are some pictures from the Koriyama high school baseball finals that we went to when I just got here.

There’s something about baseball uniforms that is just so cool.

This team had the best cheers. At one point the rows took turns jumping and clapping their yellow cones together mid-jump.

The bleachers were PACKED and we were forced to sit out in the sun. I’d luckily won some toilet paper at the conbini before getting there so my bum had some protection from the ridiculously hot seat.

I don’t remember who won or even which teams played but it was so great being there in that atmosphere among the younger baseball fanboys and old people I would undoubtedly never see again. The organized cheers were so fun and I really got into it. I think the game was one of the only times that I got a feeling of, ‘Wow, I’m really here.’ In any case, I’ll definitely be going again next year.


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