I told myself that I would start actively updating this thing by July 1st. There was a list and everything. I would make my layout all pretty and have a lot of entries backed up and maybe even have my Etsy shop up and running again … but of course the day came and went without a single thing getting crossed off that list.

Sample of said list (I don’t know why this black stuff is surrounding it)

The hardest part was deciding what my first entry would be on. It’s like writing in that first notebook of the semester. I usually always leave the first page blank because the idea of text touching the cover makes my skin crawl. I can not just dive into this like I’ve been doing it all my life. But it’s not like I can leave my first entry blank (or can I?). Not that anyone is really going to read this first entry, or even care enough after stumbling onto this site in a year after Googling some obscure, niche phrase like “omiyage from New York” (because seriously I have been searching for this for months and NADA) or “Korean-American working as JET in Koriyama” or worse, some super specific fetish that only I can fulfill. Does “tan chubby big-boobed Asian with monolids, thunder thighs, and wide feet” sound good to anyone?

In any case, since I’m at a loss over how to start this blog off and this’ll be going nowhere unless I get over that first entry, I’ve decided to just write about things I like and things that can be expected to appear in this blog.


Pictures of food, recipes, things I want to eat–the sweet, the tart, the savory. I am a huge foodie in that I am willing to pay for good food and I love to eat. I’m pretty sure that it’s my lover at this point. Heck, my Tumblr is solely dedicated to pictures of food I have eaten. However, this makes it extremely hard for me to diet. So I’ve decided that the simple solution to that is to only eat when I know it will be delicious and satisfying. No more munching on random things I have lying around the house or eating for the sake of eating!

Life (in Japan!! [for at least 1-2 years anyway])

After studying abroad in Korea during my junior year, I knew that I wanted to teach English in Asia for at least a year after I graduated. I was just so happy when I was abroad! Almost every moment back in Boston my thoughts were something along the lines of, ‘God, I miss Korea,’ ‘This would be so much cheaper in Korea,’ and ‘Why did I only stay for 1 semester again?’

I was fortunately accepted into the JET Program, a pretty prestigious government-funded English teaching program in Japan. At first I just wanted to get into a program that basically wouldn’t read as ‘Yeah, I dicked around for a year because I didn’t want to enter the business world yet.’ I was even kind of disappointed that I got in because I so wanted to get back to Korea. And when I got notice that I would be in Fukushima only 60 km away from the notorious nuclear plant (fyi, the U.S. has a travel alert for the 80 kms surrounding the plant), I was near hysterical.

And then I realized that I had to go.

What are the chances that this would happen to me? Yeah, I kind feel like my life has been one pile of crap after another but I like to believe that things happen for a reason (as much as I hate when people tell me this very phrase). This would be such a great opportunity for me to give back to the world that has treated me so kindly despite all the feces it has thrown my way. I am relatively healthy, I achieve almost everything that I put my mind to, and I have escaped death more times than I can recall.

So, I want to use this blog as a way to record my entrance into the real world and to preserve as much of my life/travels as possible. Here are some of my favorite Korea pics:


A few years ago, I went to see a creepily accurate fortune teller in Gwangju. He told me that my two major problems were food and money. I eat and spend too much. I just sat there nodding thinking, ‘Oh God how did you know??!??!’ I’m sure he could tell the food part from the fact that I was a tad overweight (aka obese by Korean standards) but shopping??

In any case, expect to see pictures of my many many purchases. I’ve already bookmarked around 20 items I want to order when I get my first paycheck and pay day is still a month away … <___<

Thoughts & Rambles

I’ve noticed that I have a tendency of using the Internet as an outlet for all my frustrations and annoyances, and so I’m going to try to keep all the negativity to a minimum. I’ll probably just vent and vent and then publish entries privately so I can read over then the following day and see how irrational I am being.

And there you have it.
I’m sure there will be uncategorizable entries that come along and my system will eventually crumble and this blog will be one big free-for-all melee with an identity crisis BUT here goes nothing.

Entry 1 done. Documented real life starts now.


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